Things You Must Know About Cargo Consolidation and Deconsolidation

Global expansion is one of the most important goals of every business. Thriving in the local or domestic market is one kind of challenge and expanding your business globally is another challenge.

It won’t be the same in both cases. When your business operates in the domestic market the challenges you would face will be different and when your business operates internationally, the challenges will be different.

So, there are certain things that every business must know to make their business successful. In this article, let’s know about cargo consolidation and deconsolidation. Also, you will know how these services will benefit your business to make the movement of your cargo smooth and affordable

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What is Cargo Consolidation?

Consolidation means combining many things into a single thing. In Logistics, cargo consolidation means combining many small shipments into a single shipment. In this process many small shipments are packed together, and mostly the destination of all the shipments will be the same.

But, in some cases, when the shipment has many packages from different locations, then the time required to reach the destination will be more. The cargo consolidation is further divided into two types. One is Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) Consolidations.

Let’s see the difference between FCL and LCL.

Full Container Load (FCL)

When the shipment has enough load or volume that needs an entire container, then this type of shipment is known as Full Container Load (FCL). In this type of shipments, the cost depends on the container basis.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

In this type, when the size of shipment is less and it doesn’t need a full container, then they are consolidated with other shipments which have the same destination. In this type of shipment, the cost of shipment depends on the volume of the shipment.

These are the two types of Consolidations that any business can take for their business purpose. Businesses will have many benefits when they use cargo consolidation services.

Cargo Consolidation Benefits

Combining many small shipments into a large shipment to send it to the end location is a very important and crucial task. Choosing a perfect way for this purpose is a challenging task. Cargo Consolidation provides a lot of benefits for your business, let’s see what they are;

  • Less Cost

There will be a lot of cost advantages when you take cargo consolidation services. The prices of shipments will vary a lot and cargo consolidation can reduce the cost of your shipment. It is because many small shipments are complaining together to make a big shipment, so the cost of these services would be less when compared with other modes of transportation.

  • Fast Transportation

As the shipment consists of many packages or loads from different clients, they will be sent to the destination quickly. So, you can send your shipment at a faster rate using cargo consolidation.

  • Safe Transportation

The shipment will have packages from many clients, so at most care is taken while transportation. So, it is one of the safest modes of transportation.

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What is Cargo Deconsolidation and Why is it Important?

Like Cargo Consolidation, deconsolidation is also very important because the container or cargo will have many small shipments. So, they must be segregated and stored properly and safely in the warehouses. So, Cargo Deconsolidation is also a very crucial process.

It involves many challenges because it is a very crucial process. The packages must be separated, stored, and then moved to the end destination safely. So, it’s an important task and it needs expert’s guidance.

These are the things that every business must know to reach their destination safely at affordable cost.

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