Common Mistakes Every Shipper Must Avoid.

Shipping goods overseas is not an easy task, many shippers make plenty of mistakes in the process. Some mistakes are minor, and some could lead to serious consequences.

IAP Logistics is a leading global logistics company in Jeddah, and we have been in this logistics management business for a very long time. We have seen many businesses, who tried to handle logistics on their own, but ended up with a lot of trouble. After the attempts to handle logistics on their own, they choose us as a logistics partner.

In this article, we have tried to explain some of the common mistakes that every business must avoid to achieve quality shipping.

1. Poor Packaging of Cargo

Packing of cargo is one of the crucial aspects that play a key role to protect the shipping goods. In most cases, the losses occur in the form of damaging of package, moisture, etc. It is true that you cannot handle the cargo while in transit, but you can definitely protect your cargo before they leave your hands.

Packaging of cargo must be done by considering some of the factors like weight, fragility, shape, size, value, etc. This will help to improve packing and provide better protection during the transit.

2. Neglecting the Labels

Before shipping the cargo, it is very important to label the package. Labeling cargo, which is being shipped, is a very important task. While labeling the package, you must follow the rules and guidelines of the authority.

Labeling should be done on the basis of the type of cargo that is being shipped. The label indicates the type of cargo present in the package, its weight, its origin and destination, nature of the cargo, fragility, etc.

Proper labeling ensures safe transportation, helps in handling the cargo appropriately, and helps to reach the destination without any issue. So, it is very important to label the shipping cargo properly.

3. Wrong Mode of Transportation

As technology has developed tremendously, now we have various modes of transportation. Now you can ship your goods to any location through air, water, road, and rail transportation. Based on the usage, each transportation mode has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So, it is very important to choose the right mode of transportation that is suitable for you. You must consider the type of goods you are shipping, time frame, volume of cargo, value, etc. Based on these factors, you must decide your transportation mode.

Sea freight is cost-efficient and suitable to transport cargo of large volume. Air freight is obviously the fastest mode of transportation, but is suitable for low volume and costly shipments. Rail freight can offer fast and cost-efficient freight services. Last but not least, road freight is the best solution to reach rural areas, and it is also a cost-efficient solution.

So, while choosing the transportation mode, select the best mode that is suitable for your business.

4. Quality Control

The growth of a business depends on the quality of service. Customers and clients expect their products to be reached safely within less time. Many times the cargo is shipped to the destination without checking the condition of the cargo. This increases the chances of shipping damaged or defective products to the clients.

This will greatly affect the loyalty and reputation of the business. So, it is imperative to cross check the shipping cargo, to ensure quality service. There are many technologies that help to detect the defects and damage of the products.

These are the top 4 mistakes that many businesses make while shipping the cargo.

Since logistics management is a complicated task, many businesses hire logistics companies for freight forwarding services. Hiring professional logistics companies will provide a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits of hiring global logistics company are:

  • Businesses can improve the quality of services by hiring logistics companies. Since logistics companies will have professionals, handle all types of logistics operations perfectly.
  • Business can focus on other crucial aspects, as logistics is managed by logistics companies.
  • Access to the latest technology is one of the best advantages. Logistics companies will have advanced technology; which businesses can use to improve quality of service.
  • Helps to reduce over cost of logistics management and also helps to avoid costly mistakes.
  • - In the custom bonded warehouses, businesses can store their cargo safely for any longer period of time.

These are some of the benefits of hiring a global logistics company to handle logistics of your business.

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