Things You Must Know to Ship Sensitive Electronics Safely

Technology has advanced very much and today we are surrounded by electronic devices. We use electronic devices for various purposes and today it is very hard to find a business or individual that doesn’t use any electronic equipment.

People are expecting fast and quality services, so for any business or individual person, it has become very important to rely heavily on electronic equipment. So, more and more people and businesses are ordering sensitive electronic equipment and there is a drastic rise in sales in the electronic manufacturing sector.

How can I Ship Large and Sensitive Electronic Equipment Easily?

This is the question that comes into the mind of electronic equipment manufacturers when they receive orders from the customers. Shipping electronic equipment is a challenging task, unlike other types of goods like textile, furniture, etc. Shipping electronic equipment requires special care.

Every movement, force, temperature and climatic conditions can create huge problems, while shipping electronic equipment. Simply stamping the package as “fragile” won’t increase safety. You require a lot of planning and foresight to ship sensitive electronic goods to a long distance.

Here are some of the best tips to ship sensitive electronic equipment safely.

1. Choose an Experienced Logistics Company for Packing and Shipping

When shipping sensitive electronic equipment, always choose an experienced company that has previous experience of handling electronic goods. Shipping electronic equipment is not simply putting an extra layer of wrap around the equipment. It needs a lot of special care and packing to protect the equipment from all types of damages and shocks.

So, it is always advisable to check the previous history of the shipping service providing company before hiring them. Nowadays there are many international freight forwarders that are providing electronic shipping services. Check and hire the best company to ensure safe transportation of electronic goods.

2. Try Vapor-barrier Bagging

It’s true that the damage of electronic equipment is mostly caused by sudden shocks and collisions. But it is not limited to only these problems, the shipping goods can also get damaged due to corrosion. If you are using ocean freight service, then the salty ocean air and high humidity can cause corrosion.

To avoid damage due to corrosion, vapor-bagging bags along with an activated desiccant can be used. The bag should be heat sealed and the air inside the bagging should be removed using specialized vacuum tools.

3. Cover Electronic Equipment with Anti-Static Wrap & Use Wood Crates

Many times, the shipping equipment isn’t damaged because of collisions during the transit, but rather by buildup of electrostatic energy. Static electricity is generated which could damage the circuits of electronic equipment. So, the anti-static warp prevents the generation of this static electricity and prevents damage of circuits.

Also, custom designed wooden crates offer maximum protection to the electronic equipment. Since the electronic equipment will be fragile in nature, wooden crates are the best options to ensure proper safety. There are many types of crates like single use and multi-use types.

4. Use Proper Ramp for Loading and Unloading the Equipment

In many cases, the sensitive electronic equipment is subjected to damage before and after completing transportation. While placing the electronic equipment into the container or while removing it out of the container, the equipment may be subject to damage. So, to ensure safe placement of equipment in the container, a proper ramp must be used. Using ramp or other assisting equipment will make the process smooth and prevent damage to the electronic equipment.

These are some of the tips that could help to protect the electronic equipment from damage during the transit. Many businesses, especially startups, struggle a lot to ship electronic equipment long distance. So, it would be better to hire a Global Logistics company for shipping the electronic equipment. Nowadays many businesses are seeking the help of logistics companies to ship goods from one location to another.

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