How to Handle Fragile Items While Packing & Shipping?

Previously, every store used to add a note on the fragile products mentioning – If you break the product, it’s yours! It is the way businesses used to give caution messages to the people. But the time has changed completely, and now people are buying products online. So, many businesses have shifted to the digital world to sell products online.

Now, the entire scenario of doing business has changed. If a customer receives any damaged goods/products, then it’s the responsibility of the seller, not the customer. So, it has become very important for businesses to pack and ship fragile products with utmost care.

Fragile Items – Definition

A product or item is said to be fragile, if it is sensitive and breaks easily even when a low impact force is applied. Fragile products include objects made of ceramic, glass, crystal, etc. but are not restricted to this list. Fragile products also include electronic gadgets, musical instruments, medical devices, etc.

Tips to Handle Fragile Products Safely:

In order to handle fragile products carefully, your business must have highly skilled and experienced professionals. It’s not an easy task to ship fragile goods from one location to another, it involves a lot of complex tasks. Here below are some of the tips that could help you to ship fragile goods safely.

1. Proper Packaging

When customers or clients receive damaged products, this will give a very bad experience to them. It will dishearten the customers and effects on your business loyalty and trustworthiness. This increases the frustration and the customer may choose another business next time.

So, it’s very important to pack the shipping goods properly to avoid damage during the transportation.

2. Use Appropriate Box

The box that is used to pack the fragile products must be slightly bigger than the product. Only very less free space must be left to avoid movement of the product. This type of boxes helps to hold the product in one position firmly and the chances of damage of the product because of the movement will be very less.

3. Add Safety Cushion Materials

Cushion-like material can be added to the package to ensure extra safety. The cushion materials will absorb the shocks and impact forces that are created during the transportation. This will help to prevent damage, and sometimes breaking of fragile products.

Many businesses use bubble wrap to cover the fragile objects and thermocol sheets to place in the free space. So, you can cover your products with bubble wrap and add thermocol sheets in the box.

4. Use Double Boxing Technique

If you are shipping electronic goods or any antique objects, you can use the double box packaging technique. In this method, the object is packed in a small box initially, and then the small box is packed in another large box with proper arrangements. This will reduce the movement of objects and prevent shocks and impact forces.

5. Add Proper Labels on the Package

Labels play a very crucial role in the transportation of goods. People handle the package carefully when they see the label like “FRAGILE” or “Handle with Care”, etc. So, when you ship fragile objects or products, mention the label on the package. This will help the people who are loading and unloading the packages to take precautionary measures.

Therefore, these are some of the top tips that you must know to ship fragile goods.

Nowadays, businesses are hiring third party international freight forwarders to ship goods safely. There are many reasons why businesses are choosing third party services.

  • Freight forwarders can handle the cargo better than in-house teams.
  • Handling shipping responsibilities needs a separate team. Hiring a professional team can cost a lot. So, taking the help of freight forwarders is the best and cost-effective option.
  • Freight forwarders will have the best technology, so they can handle all the aspects without any delays.
  • Since freight forwarders will have experience, the chances of errors or damage will be very low.

If you have a business that manufactures and supplies fragile objects or products, then hiring a third-party freight forwarder is the best option.

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