The Process of Freight Forwarding From Beginning to End

More and more businesses are turning to Freight Forwarding to help them meet their shipping deadlines. There are numerous advantages to using freight forwarders, and the synergistic effect of combining a variety of freight forwarding services cannot be overstated. Freight forwarding relieves a company of the burden of figuring out the complex logistics of shipping to specific parts of the world, making it easier to extend and expand your shipping network. Freight forwarders also have connections with agencies all over the world that facilitate customs clearance and inland transportation. With so many compelling reasons to use freight forwarders, new businesses may be unsure where to begin or how long the process will take. That is why IAP Logistics is providing this freight forwarding primer.

IAP Logistics aims to provide the best logistics services at an affordable price to all small and large businesses. In our company, we have integrated all of the necessary and advanced technology for each operation.

We serve many small and large businesses worldwide, and we are one of the most trusted global logistics companies in Saudi Arabia. Our custom-bonded warehouses have been outfitted with cutting-edge technology to accommodate a wide range of goods. We also ship goods all over the world, and we use global shipment tracking to ensure the shipment's safety.

1. Finding a freight forwarder & getting a quote

Choosing a freight forwarder is the first step in the process. After you've found a freight forwarder, you'll need to talk about the logistics of your shipment and get a quote. We at IAP Logistics provide a variety of useful services such as custom bonded warehouse, consolidation, LCL, FCL, tracking facility, and more. Spending only on what you require, our team will be able to obtain a quote and discuss the specifics of your project.

2. Initial transportation of goods

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, each pathway has its own set of rules that you must follow. Some freight may require you to be both an importer and an exporter at various points along the supply chain.

Begin by delivering your goods to a processing warehouse. This could be an in-house team or one you hired from a third party. Some freight forwarders may provide custom crating. The length of time spent will be determined by your proximity to the warehouse and could range from days to weeks. However, at this rate, you should reach the 30-day mark before this stage is finished. If this stage takes more than 30 days, you should consider whether your supply chain is providing good value for money.

3. Import & Export customs clearance

When your goods arrive at the freight forwarder, they will inspect and inventory them to ensure that everything is in order. If the shipment is being shipped internationally, they will then begin the customs clearance process. Not all freight forwarders provide customs clearance. You will need to work with a third-party logistics service in these cases. IAP Logistics, on the other hand, handles both export and import customs clearance. The company of origin must clear a shipment before it can leave the country. It will also need to be approved by the destination country before proceeding. Our international logistics company team handles all of the paperwork and forms required for customs clearance.

4. Arrival and handling processes

Certain procedures will be initiated when the cargo arrives at the destination port. In the industry, this is referred to as arrival and handling. All outstanding paperwork must be completed. You must pay all carrier bills and make plans to deal with any delays. This is a process in which your freight forwarder is involved. It makes sense for you to review the contract so that you know what kind of assistance you can provide throughout the process.

5. Inland Transportation

The final step in the shipping process is to transport the shipment inland to its final destination. Cargo must be transported from the shipping port or terminal where it arrived and attached to a truck or another inland transportation vessel. Not all freight forwarders offer inland transportation services, and in many cases, it is the company's responsibility to find a third-party shipper, but at IAP Logistics, we ensure that your goods are handled from their origin to their final destination.

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